Marvel Phase 1 Guide: iron man 2

Viewing Order Placement

Picking up six months after Iron Man, the events of Iron Man 2 roughly take place during the same week as The Incredible Hulk and Thor. Most of The Incredible Hulk happens before this movie, and the post-credits scene leads directly into Thor, so watching this in between makes the most sense.

easter eggs and references


Family Legacy: Nick Fury reveals that Tony’s father Howard Stark not only worked for S.H.I.E.L.D. but helped found the organization.

The First Avenger: While constructing a replacement for the arc reactor that’s keeping him alive, Tony goes through some of his father’s old belongings. Among his possessions include not only old Captain America comic books from World War II, but a prototype for Cap’s legendary shield.


Hulk Aftermath: During Tony’s discussion with Nick Fury at the end of the movie, a screen is displaying news footage from the battle between the Hulk and the U.S. army at Culver University.


Wakanda: During the same scene, a map is shown with several spots highlighted around the globe. One of these locations is Wakanda, the secretive nation ruled by the Black Panther that won’t be shown on screen until 2016’s Captain America: Civil War.


Gods Among Us: The post-credits scene shows Agent Coulson arriving at a crater in New Mexico. In the center of the crater is Mjolnir, the hammer which belongs to the mythical Thor.