Weekly Update #3: Moon Knight and Heroes Reborn!

Marvel Guide’s third weekly update is here and we have a couple of new and exciting additions this week. Not only have we added a new character guide, but we’ve started a new section of the overarching comic guides from the 1997-2004 period that I’m calling “Heroes Relaunched.” This is the first time in the history of Marvel’s comic book universe that most of their major series were relaunched with new #1 issues, and it will take us through the period of Avengers Disassembled which led to another major shakeup across a range of titles.

The specific updates are as follows:

In the coming weeks we’ll be adding to several of our comic book guides sections, as well as updating our Marvel Cinematic Universe guides with new shows and easter eggs. As always, you can find more frequent updates on our Twitter and Facebook Page. And consider supporting us on Patreon and telling your friends about us if you like what we're doing and want us to do more of it. Until next week!