Welcome to Marvel Guides

Hello and Welcome to Marvel Guides!

After several months of work I'm eager and proud to open the doors to this project that I hope will help and excite Marvel fans like yourself. So, what exactly is Marvel Guides? It's a platform for you to discover and browse carefully curated viewing and reading orders for the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Marvel comics. 

These guides are not strictly lists of Marvel books, movies, and shows in the order they were released, nor are they meant to be an exact chronological timelines of events happening in the Marvel Universe. Instead, they are designed in a way that I believe will give both new and existing fans the ideal experience when trying to follow along with the ever expanding world of storylines and characters that Marvel puts out every month.

For example, Marvel releases roughly 50 comics books a month. Trying to keep track of every series and character can be especially challenging, especially when you are bouncing back and forth between dozens of books written by different authors. Likewise, several movies and TV seasons are added to the MCU every year. My goal is to organize my guides in such a way so that you are experiencing complete story arcs, and when possible, complete series while at the same time eliminating any continuity errors. I'm looking at Marvel's long history from a bird's eye view, reading and watching everything and constantly updating these guides so that everything makes sense.

My comic book guides are arranged according to major publishing and historical eras, while my MCU guides are broken down roughly by the intended phases of films announced by Marvel Studios. The cinematic guides also incorporate all of the TV shows and short films that take place around the films, along with expanded sections that include all of the easter eggs and references that make the MCU so much fun to engage with.

This is just the start of Marvel Guides, and I hope to rapidly expand it with even more guides, as well as podcasts and videos. To help me do that, I would love your support, but only if you truly think what I'm doing is valuable to you. If you do want to see more from Marvel Guides, I invite you to check out some of the exclusive rewards we have available on our Patreon. Most of all, we're brand new so spreading the word to other Marvel fans like yourself will be appreciated more than you know.

Thank you so much for checking out Marvel Guides and taking the time to read this post. Updates will be coming on a weekly basis so make sure to check back often. Now, I invite you to dive in and feel free to get in touch to let me know what you think!