Marvel silver age reading order

Part 1: Origins

Fantastic Four (1961) #1 Cover

Fantastic Four (1961) #1 Cover

Part 1.1: The Marvel Age Begins

In 1961, the Marvel Universe we know today began with the release of Fantastic Four #1. While the adventures of this cosmically powered family formed the foundation of the Marvel Universe, several other heroes soon emerged including the size-changing Ant-Man, the monstrous Hulk, and the Norse God of legend known only as Thor.

Reading Order:

  • Fantastic Four #1-7

  • Tales to Astonish #27

  • Incredible Hulk #1-6

  • Journey Into Mystery #83-97

  • Strange Tales #101-106

  • Tales to Astonish #35-48

  • Fantastic Four #8-18

Amazing Fantasy #15 Cover

Amazing Fantasy #15 Cover

Part 1.2: Power and Responsibility

After the existence of superheroes and villains becomes known around the world, a new hero is born in the unlikely form of Peter Parker, a quiet teenager who gains powers after being bitten by a radioactive spider. In Strange Tales, the Human Torch has some solo adventures away from the Fantastic Four, and across the globe the mechanical Iron Man is invented by a desperate Tony Stark in Tales of Suspense. 

Reading Order:

  • Amazing Fantasy #15

  • Amazing Spider-Man #1-12

  • Strange Tales #107-114

  • Strange Tales Annual #2

  • Fantastic Four Annual #1

  • Tales of Suspense #39-47

The X-Men (1963) #1 Cover

The X-Men (1963) #1 Cover

Part 1.3: Strength in Numbers

When the evil Loki threatens humanity, Iron Man, the Hulk, Thor, Ant-Man, and the Wasp team up to become Earth's mightiest heroes—The Avengers. Then, a more unusual team of heroes arrives in the form of the X-Men, a group of teenagers born with uncanny abilities.

Reading Order:

  • The Avengers #1

  • Tales to Astonish #49

  • The Avengers #2

  • The X-Men #1-5

  • Tales to Astonish #50-57

  • Tales of Suspense #48-53

The Avengers (1963) #4 Cover

The Avengers (1963) #4 Cover

Part 1.4: Blast from the Past

Flashing back decades to World War II we learn about some of the first heroes of the Marvel Universe including Sgt. Nick Fury and Captain America. In the present, we catch up with these characters as Reed Richards reconnects with an old war buddy and The Avengers discover the long lost Steve Rogers frozen in a block of ice.

Reading Order:

  • Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #1-13

  • Fantastic Four #19-20

  • Strange Tales #115

  • Fantastic Four #21-24

  • The Avengers #3-4

  • Fantastic Four #25-26

  • The Avengers #5-6