Marvel Fresh Start Reading order

Part 5: Anniversary

Fantastic Four (2018) #1 Cover

Fantastic Four (2018) #1 Cover

Part 5.1: First Family

On the one year anniversary of their absence, the Fantastic Four make their grand reentrance to the Marvel Universe. Marvel’s first family has no time to rest as they deal with imposters, Doctor Doom, and…a wedding? Plus, check out new takes on some of the FF’s oldest friends and foes like the Inhumans, Skrulls, and The Sentry.

Reading Order:

  • Fantastic Four #1-4

  • Fantastic Four: Wedding Special #1

  • Fantastic Four #5-9

  • Death of the Inhumans #1-5

  • Meet the Skrulls #1-5

  • The Sentry #1-5

Love Romances (2018) #1 Cover

Love Romances (2018) #1 Cover

Part 5.2: Eighty Years

In honor of Marvel’s 80th Anniversary the company revives a number of classic series in genres like romance, western, horror, comedy, and war. These don’t explicitly take place in the main Marvel Universe but they fit nicely in this section of the Fresh Start reading order.

Reading Order:

  • Crypt of Shadows #1

  • The Gunhawks #1

  • Journey into Unknown Worlds #1

  • Love Romances #1

  • War is Hell #1

  • Ziggy Pig - Silly Seal #1

Marvel Comics Presents #1 Cover

Marvel Comics Presents #1 Cover

Part 5.3: Past is Prologue

Reading Order:

  • Journey Into Mystery: The Birth of Krakoa #1

  • Marvel Comics Presents #1-

  • Marvel Team-Up #1-

  • The Avengers #8-13

  • Invaders #1-5