All-new all-different Marvel Reading order

Part 5: Road to War

Thunderbolts (2016) #1 Cover

Thunderbolts (2016) #1 Cover

Part 5.1: Supreme

In the wake of the Pleasant Hill debacle, Bucky has assembled a new team of Thunderbolts in hopes of protecting Kobik, the manifestation of the Cosmic Cube that S.H.I.E.L.D. used to alter their reality. The team soon comes into conflict with the Squadron Supreme, whose adventures continue in their ongoing title as well as the Nighthawk and Hyperion spin-offs.

Reading Order:

  • Nighthawk #1-6

  • Squadron Supreme #6-8

  • Hyperion #1-6

  • Thunderbolts #1-4

  • All-New Inhumans #11

  • Uncanny Inhumans Annual #1

Mockingbird #1 Cover

Mockingbird #1 Cover

Part 5.2: Women of Marvel

In the weeks leading up to Civil War II, the spotlight shifts to several of the most powerful women in the Marvel Universe including Scarlet Witch, Thor, Mockingbird, and the All-New Wolverine. Plus, Silver Surfer returns to Earth with Dawn, but their adventures are just getting started.

Reading Order:

  • Scarlet Witch #1-8

  • The Mighty Thor #6-12

  • Mockingbird #1-5

  • All-New Wolverine #7

  • All-New Wolverine Annual #1

  • Silver Surfer #1-14

Black Panther (2016) #1 Cover

Black Panther (2016) #1 Cover

Part 5.3: A Nation Under Our Feet

Return to Wakanda in Rise of the Black Panther to discover the retold origin of one of the Marvel Universe’s most enigmatic heroes. Then, learn how Wakanda is dealing with the aftermath of multiple invasions of their nation, including the attack from Thanos and his Black Order that killed Queen Shuri.

Reading Order:

  • Rise of the Black Panther #1-6

  • Black Panther (2016) #1-12

  • Black Panther and the Crew #1-6

The Vision #1 Cover

The Vision #1 Cover

Part 5.4: Last Stop

The Vision tells a sprawling tale that takes place over the course of several months, but it is best read uninteruppted. And, before Civil War II begins we have a few last stories to tell involving Deadpool, Old Man Logan, Hulk, Spider-Man, and other characters before they crossover into the main event.

Reading Order:

  • The Vision #1-12

  • The Amazing Spider-Man #1.1-1.5

  • Deadpool #13

  • Old Man Logan #5-13

  • The Totally Awesome Hulk #5-6

  • Spider-Man 2099 #1-12

  • The Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1

  • Spider-Man FCBD 2016

  • The Amazing Spider-Man #12-18

  • Venom: Space Knight #1-10

  • Ultimates #7

  • A-Force #1-7