All-New All-Different Marvel Reading Order

Part 3: Inhumans, mutants, and magic

Uncanny Inhumans #4 Cover

Uncanny Inhumans #4 Cover

Part 3.1: An Inhuman World

In Uncanny Inhumans #0, journey back in time to the last days before Secret Wars to witness a fateful deal made by Black Bolt to protect his son. In the present, the Inhumans deal with both the ramifications of that decision and the mysterious Sky Spears. Karnak takes on a deadly mission for S.H.I.E.L.D. and a new Hulk protects the world from dangerous monsters including Devil Dinosaur and his Inhuman companion...a 9-year-old girl?

Reading Order:

  • Uncanny Inhumans #0-4

  • All-New Inhumans #1-4

  • Karnak #1-6

  • The Totally Awesome Hulk #1-4

  • Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #1-6

  • Daredevil #10-16

  • Doctor Strange #1-2

Extraordinary X-Men #8 Cover

Extraordinary X-Men #8 Cover

Part 3.2: Apocalypse Wars

After traveling back in time, Old Man Logan sets out on a quest for revenge that puts him on a collision course with Storm's X-Men, one of three mutant teams trying to survive in a world consumed by the poisonous Terrigen Mists. In addition to Storm's team, two others formed by Magneto and the time displaced X-Men of the past each confront enemies with direct ties to the genocidal Apocalypse.

Reading Order:

  • Old Man Logan #1-4

  • Extraordinary X-Men #1-7

  • All-New X-Men #1-8

  • Uncanny X-Men #1-5

  • Extraordinary X-Men #8-12

  • All-New X-Men #9-11

  • Uncanny X-Men #6-10

  • Extraordinary X-Men #13-16

  • All-New X-Men #12-16

Doctor Strange (2015) #6 Cover

Doctor Strange (2015) #6 Cover

Part 3.3: Last Days of Magic

For years, Doctor Strange has relied on magic he's never fully understood. Now, the bill comes due when magic users like Strange begin having trouble using the arcane arts they've grown accustomed to. Who or what is destroying all traces of magic across the Marvel multiverse?

Reading Order:

  • Doctor Strange #3-6

  • Doctor Strange: Last Days of Magic #1

  • Deadpool: Last Days of Magic #1

  • Doctor Strange #7-11

  • Doctor Strange Annual #1

All-New Inhumans #11 Cover

All-New Inhumans #11 Cover

Part 3.4: Family Matters

Much has changed since Black Bolt's time away from the Inhumans. From shadowy business deals in the Inhuman refuge known as The Quiet Room to the emergence of the Sky Spears, this next set of stories deals with both the Royal Family in New York and Crystal's diplomatic mission on the Royal Inhuman Vessel (R.I.V.). Not only does the R.I.V. team learn more about the Sky Spears, but they stumble upon a forgotten Inhuman society with ties to one of their own.

Reading Order:

  • Uncanny Inhumans #5-7

  • All-New Inhumans #5-6

  • Uncanny Inhumans #8-9

  • All-New Inhumans #7-10

  • Uncanny Inhumans #10