All-new all-different Marvel Reading order

Part 12: Legacy (WORK IN PROGRESS)

Generations: The Iron

Generations: The Iron

Part 12.1: Generations

While technically taking place during a brief moment in time during Secret Empire, Generations is a series of standalone stories that serves as a thematic introduction to the Marvel Legacy era. 

Reading Order:

  • Generations: The Strongest

  • Generations: The Phoenix

  • Generations: The Best

  • Generations: The Thunder

  • Generations: The Archers

  • Generations: The Iron

  • Generations: The Bravest

  • Generations: The Marvels

  • Generations: The Spiders

  • Generations: The Americas

Marvel Legacy #1 (Alex Ross Variant)

Marvel Legacy #1 (Alex Ross Variant)

Part 12.2: Legacy One-Shots

In the Marvel Legacy one-shot, witness the dawn of the Marvel Universe as we travel back in time to discover the prehistoric Avengers of 1,000,000 BC. In the present day, several characters make long awaited returns and discover shocking secrets that will test heroes both young and old for years to come. In honor of the Legacy initiative, Marvel also revives a number of cancelled series for one last issue that can be read in any order. 

Reading Order:

  • Marvel Legacy #1

  • Darkhawk #51

  • Master of Kung Fu #126

  • Not Brand Echh #14

  • Power Pack #63

  • Silver Sable and the Wild Pack #36

Tales of Suspense #100 (Andrea Sorrentino Variant)

Tales of Suspense #100 (Andrea Sorrentino Variant)

Part 12.3: Short Stories

From the return of Legion to Hawkeye's journey on a desolate alternate Earth, the following limited series tell short tales that complement the longer, ongoing storylines. Perhaps most significant, Tales of Suspense chronicles the Winter Soldier's attempt to uncover a murderous conspiracy somehow linked to the death of his former lover and Avenger, Black Widow.

Reading Order:

  • Deadpool Vs. Old Man Logan #1-5

  • Old Man Hawkeye #1-12

  • Legion #1-5

  • Spirits of Vengeance #1-5

  • Tales of Suspense #100-104